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What Is The Average Price For Skip Hire In Cambridgeshire?

If you have any kind of waste that needs disposing of in Cambridgeshire or surrounding areas, then skip hire could be the best option for you. Skip hire companies are experts in giving you the right skip for your needs, from small skips for household waste to large ones for commercial purposes. However, before you decide on skip hire, you need to know the average cost of skip hire in Cambridgeshire. Lets dive in and find out the details.

Who Are Skip Hire Cambridgeshire?

Skip Hire Cambridgeshire is a skip hire prices company in Cambridgeshire. We offer a range of skip sizes and types for all your waste management requirements in the Cambridgeshire area. We believe that skip hire should be a hassle-free process, and thats why we offer reliable and affordable skip hire services.

At Skip Hire Cambridgeshire, we understand that different projects require different sizes of skips. We offer a variety of skip sizes, ranging from 4-yard skips to 40-yard skips. Whether you are clearing out your garden shed or undertaking a large-scale construction project, we have the skip to fit your needs. We also provide a same day skip hire service depending on availability.

Skip Hire: What Is It?

Skip hire is a service that allows you to hire a container, usually made of metal, to dispose of your waste. Skips come in different sizes, ranging from small ones for domestic use, to large ones for commercial use. They are perfect for any waste disposal task and can be used for a variety of materials, including bricks, concrete, soil, wood, and general waste.

Skip hire is an affordable and convenient way of disposing of waste. Instead of making several trips to your local dump, a skip can be filled up at your location and then collected by the skip hire company, making the process much more convenient and time efficient.

Why Hire A Skip?

Skip hire is the perfect solution if you have a large amount of waste that needs disposing of efficiently. It can significantly reduce the time and effort you need to spend on waste removal, as well as save you money. Skip hire companies will also dispose of the waste in an environmentally friendly way, ensuring that minimum impact is made on the surrounding environment.

Additionally, hiring a skip removes any concerns you may have about environmental regulations, as skip hire companies understand and follow the rules and procedures for waste disposal. Most importantly, skip hire offers a flexible and customizable waste disposal solution that can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

How Much Does Skip Hire Cost In Cambridgeshire?

Skip hire prices in Cambridgeshire vary depending on the size and type of skip you need, as well as the length of time you need to hire it for. The cost also depends on the location and the availability of the skip hire company.

On average, the cost of hiring a skip in Cambridgeshire ranges from 150 to 450, but prices can vary based on the above factors. For instance, if you need a larger skip for commercial use, it will cost more than a smaller skip for domestic waste.

Factors That Affect Skip Hire Prices In Cambridgeshire

Skip hire companies will take into account several factors when quoting you a price for a skip. These include:

Skip Size

Skip sizes are measured in cubic yards and are available in a range of sizes. The more waste you have to dispose of, the bigger the skip you will need. Prices increase with increasing skip size.


Skip hire prices can also vary depending on the duration of the hire. Prices can range from a few days to several weeks, depending on how long you need to use it. Extended hire durations will be more expensive than shorter periods.


The location of the skip can also affect the cost of the hire. If the skip is to be placed on public land such as a road, a permit will be required, which can add to the cost.

Type of Waste

Certain types of waste, such as hazardous waste, will require special handling and disposal methods. Skip hire companies will charge extra for the disposal of such waste.

Delivery and Collection

The cost of delivery and collection of the skip will also be factored into the overall cost.

Skip Hire Sizes And Prices In Cambridgeshire

At Skip Hire Cambridgeshire, we offer a wide range of skip sizes to suit all your waste management needs in the Cambridgeshire area. Below are the skip sizes we offer, as well as their average prices:

4-yards Skip

The 4-yards skip is small and perfect for disposing of small amounts of household waste. It has a capacity of 25 bin bags.

Average price: 150

6-yards Skip

The 6-yards skip is commonly used for garden clearances or small DIY jobs. It has a capacity of 40 bin bags.

Average price: 190

8-yards Skip

The 8-yards skip is the most popular skip size for domestic use in Cambridgeshire. It can be used for house renovations or garden clearances. It has a capacity of 60 bin bags.

Average price: 240

12-yards Skip

The 12-yards skip is suitable for larger projects, such as commercial use or major home renovations. It has a capacity of 100 bin bags.

Average price: 340

16-yards Skip

The 16-yards skip is suitable for major construction sites or large home renovations. It has a capacity of 130 bin bags.

Average price: 400

20-yards Skip

The 20-yards skip is suitable for industry use or large quantities of waste. It has a capacity of 160 bin bags.

Average price: 450


In conclusion, skip hire is an affordable and convenient way of disposing waste in Cambridgeshire. Hiring a skip offers flexibility and customization to suit your specific waste management needs. The cost of skip hire varies depending on multiple factors, from skip size to duration, location, and more. The size of the skip you need will be determined by the amount of waste you have. With Skip Hire Cambridgeshire, you can enjoy the best of skip hire services at an affordable price.

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