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How Much Is A Mini Skip To Hire In Cambridgeshire


Skip Hire Cambridgeshire is a mini skip hire company based in Cambridgeshire, East of England. We provide skip hire services for all your waste disposal needs. Skips are the best way to manage waste, especially when you have a lot of rubbish to clear out.

We understand that you may have concerns about the cost of skip hire, but we are here to assure you that our services are affordable and reasonably priced. In this landing page, we will discuss the cost of hiring a mini skip in Cambridgeshire, how it is determined, and how you can save money.

What is skip hire?

Skip hire is the process of renting a skip for the removal of waste materials. Skips are large, open-topped containers that come in different sizes, and are designed to carry general waste, construction, and demolition waste, green waste, and hazardous waste among others.

Skips are popular in the UK because they provide an easier and more efficient way of dealing with waste compared to other methods. Our company offers various skip sizes to cater to different waste removal needs.

Why hire a mini skip?

Mini skips are small skips that are suitable for domestic and small-scale commercial use. They are ideal for those who have small amounts of waste to dispose of, and for those who have limited space. Mini skips can easily fit in a small driveway or yard and are perfect for home renovations, garden cleaning, and spring cleaning.

What determines the cost of hiring a mini skip in Cambridgeshire?

The cost of hiring a mini skip in Cambridgeshire is determined by several factors. These include:

Skip size

The size of the skip is one of the primary factors that determine the cost of hire. The larger the skip, the more expensive it is to rent. Mini skips are relatively small and are therefore cheaper to hire than larger skips.


The location where the skip hire is required also affects the cost. Skips hired in urban areas generally cost more than those hired in rural areas. This is because of the increased demand for skips in busy areas, along with the additional expenses involved in transporting skips to these areas.

Duration of hire

The duration of hire also affects the cost of hiring a mini skip. Longer rental periods will cost more than short-term rentals. Our company offers flexible rental options, with most mini skip hires lasting anywhere from 1-14 days.

Type of waste

The type of waste you need to dispose of is another factor that affects the cost of hiring a mini skip. Some materials are more expensive to dispose of than others. For example, hazardous waste costs more to dispose of than general waste.

How much does it cost to hire a mini skip in Cambridgeshire?

The cost of hiring a mini skip in Cambridgeshire varies from company to company. Our skip hire company provides affordable mini skip hire rates starting from 110.00 for a 2-yard mini skip, including delivery and collection.

The final cost of your skip hire will depend on the factors discussed above. We offer competitive pricing, so you can get the best value for money when it comes to hiring a mini skip.

How to save money on mini skip hire

Here are some tips on how to save money on mini skip hire:

Choose the right size of skip

Choosing the right size of skip ensures that you only pay for what you need. Avoid hiring a larger skip than what you require as this will cost more money.

Separate waste materials

Separating waste materials can help you save money on skip hire. Recycling certain materials, such as metal, wood, and glass can reduce the amount of general waste in the skip, resulting in a lower overall cost.

Shop around

Not all skip hire companies offer the same rates. Shop around to find a company that offers competitive pricing without compromising on quality of service.


Skip Hire Cambridgeshire provides the best quality mini skip hire services at reasonable prices. We offer flexible hire options, and our professional team is always ready to provide you with the best advice and skip recommendations.

If you have any questions or would like to book a mini skip, please contact us by phone at 01480 582033 or email at [email protected]. You can also visit our website at for more information.

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